Da Olbia

Way Distance: 185 km. Follow the directions and be guided by interactive map!

  • Always follow the directions to Nuoro, better if you take the highway 131 for 4 Nuoro lane and drive about 80 Km
  • Exit at "Nuoro Hospital"
  • Route the exit ramp take to "Lanusei, Arbatax, Tortolì Lortzorai", along 70 Km
  • After spending the release of "Villanova Strisaili" (after 3 km) on the right is a small distibutore gasoline. Turn LEFT to Arbatax and travel 30 Km
  • It goes down at sea level
  • Follow the signs for Tortolì
  • Entering the areas of Tortolì there is an overpass
  • It passes under the bridge and immediately turn left to "Lotzorai, Olbia" and walk 5 Km
  • Through the town of lotzorai after the river bridge turn right to "S. Maria Navarrese"
  • Just arrived in the country on the left there is a roundabout, take the left road (Pedras Avenue) and walk 400 meters
  • On the left is a color bar / pizzeria WHITE (via the Broom). Turn LEFT at 90 °, walk 20 metr
  • On the left is via Aniddai. You arrived!
  • A bit long, but you have arrived. Now enjoy the sea and especially relaxed!