Rooms available from 18:00 Required documents:

  • Present valid identity document and reservation voucher
  • Regolarizzare, in contanti, le spese di soggiorno


The room must be vacated by 10:00 am We do not accept luggage in custody


From 8:30 to 10:00

Cleaning rooms

From 10:30

Not permitted

Introduce animals
Use the kitchen and its equipment
Prepare meals in the rooms
The accommodation exceeded the number booked
Bringing in rooms friends or relatives who do not stay in B&B

Responsibility and Recommendations

Do not leave money, valuables unattended in the structure; He declines all responsibility. Careful not to lose the keys to the B & B. this would result in a charge of EUR 30.00. Avoid sitting with wet clothes on beds, sofas and chairs. Maximum respect to the infrastructure of the B & B, any damage must be compensated. If the re-entry into the rooms takes place in the late hours of the evening take care not to disturb other guests.

Fair Play

Guests are required to conduct and behave properly moral and good civil life by not disturb with crowds, noise, fights, loud sounds and quant ‘other.