B&B La Casa di Tina

природа и отдых

"S. Maria Navarrese... natura, sport... ma soprattuto relax!"

If we imagine the province of Ogliastra as a natural amphitheatre that from the mountain slopes down to the coast and dives into the marvellous sea, and if we want a privileged place like a “stage” from which to admire from every corner the beautiful, green vegetation, the red and grey of the mountains, the blue of the sea, S. Maria Navarrese is definitely the ideal place

And then if we want front row seats in this unique scene, the B&B “La Casa di Tina” offers you the right choice for your vacation: because waking up in the morning with an extraordinary 180° view before you is a pleasure that few have the possibility of enjoying and it allows you to start your day on a pleasant and relaxing note


Wi-Fi, washing machine and parking in a safe area just 350 metres from the beach. The Market and Chemist’s are 100 metres away, the news agent’s 250 meters away and the tourist’s port, from which there are daily excursions by motorboat to see the gorgeous Bays of the Gulf of Orosei, 800 meters away

Location and history

Situated 400 metres from the beach, S. Maria Navarrese was founded in the first half of the ninth century. The town is known for its millenary olive groves in the town’s gardens and the beautiful beach surrounded by a pine forest and an Aragonese tower of the 1600‘s